AI Business Ethics


Our lives transformed because of the technological revolution in a very fast pace.

Artificial intelligence is a great opportunity to achieve enterprise goals, and it has a major impact on the future of human development

AI has made us advanced more towards the sustainable development by providing easy, fast, and effective knowledge sharing, that will help most of the industries

Using AI will start the ethical issues because it also the start of less humans involving.

At Noura Advanced Ltd. Company We ensure:


  • Less fear of shortage and ensure Humans' lives improvement.
  • Involving humans in the work of artificial intelligence, and these systems should enable a better life.


  • Creating AI supported businesses that always treat Humans fairly.
  • No matter the technology, it is always built and produced by human beings.

Reliability and Safety

  • Ensure best practices and reliability because Humans safety is a priority.
  • Create a reliable and safe artificial intelligence environment.


  • Humans are responsible, and they always play an essential role in making decisions.
  • Ensure the best result with good effect on the world.

Privacy & Security

  • Business accuracy with the importance of protecting human data and seeking to preserve their privacy.
  • The privacy of information and users is subject to a permanent and accurate review.