As an institution to make and enforce laws.

A government’s basic functions are providing leadership, maintaining order, public services, national security, economic security, and economic assistance.

Governments receive massive amount of data daily and they must make sense out of it to make decisive decisions which may affect millions of people.

Sorting and organizing all the information can be very difficult, let alone verifying the validity of that information. Faulty information can have obnoxious consequences.

AI have a huge impact on governments, implementing decisions platforms can improve the way of utilize IT

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Use Cases

Weather Patterns

Weather Patterns

Meteorological organizations continually collects terabytes of data from sea, land and space-based sensors around the globe.


  • Understanding global warming
  • Preparedness for disasters, floods and hurricanes

How our Platform Helps:

  • Using AI platform to collect data in order to understand global warming, and help government agencies looking for trends that help them with disaster preparedness for floods and hurricanes.
  • Our platform can also use the same data for long-term crop forecasts and to predict water demand. It’s all a matter of determining the necessary use case.

Healthcare Subsidies

Healthcare is a big case all over the world. Most health systems rely on government subsidies and support.


  • The risk of resource wastage or unfair allocation of subsidies
  • Better control over resources

How our Platform Helps:

  • The risk of resource wastage or unfair allocation of the subsidies, not to process the available data in this area would be a significant loss
  • Our AI platform will give clear and better control over resources and their effectiveness to the community.
  • It's the occasion to have a clear picture of where the money is appropriated and the reasons behind the appropriation.

National Security

AI analytics brings opportunities for various areas, which supports national security.


  • Information and Enhance Security
  • Detect things humans cannot easily detect

How our Platform Helps:

  • Data have turned more credible source presenting great value for the country.
  • Large stored Data boosts easy access to information and enhance security.
  • Our platform helps in indexing and merging unstructured data into a searchable feed, which my help to detect things Humans can not easily detect


Whether driving or walking, citizens use public roads daily.


  • Transportation and the Safety Factors
  • Control accidents in roads

How our Platform Helps:

  • For safety in roads, there is the police officers, road's state, weather condition and vehicle safety, even with all these factors it's almost impossible to control everything that may causes accidents.
  • Our platform allows to supervise the transportation sector to ensure safer, better and new roads.


Education sector holds massive amounts of data related to students and faculty.


  • Processing students data
  • Educational Needs and Insights

How our Platform Helps:

  • Our AI can get insights that can improve the operational effectiveness of the educational institutions.
  • Using our platform to process data of variables like examination results, student’s behavior and their development as well as their educational needs, that may pave the way for a revolutionary system where students learn in exciting enviroment.
Crime Awareness

Crime Awareness

Criminal world has changed by using modern inventions and databases by the authorities .


  • Crime Mapping
  • Collecting Data

How our Platform Helps:

  • Police departments all over the world utilize Big Data to predict crime mapping.
  • Our Platform will open new chances and resources by collecting data of a crimes like "crime type, location, date and time" to create the hotspots.
  • Our AI platformm maps with hotspots more efficient than pure guessing, helps combating money laundering, financing terrorism, and other illegal activities.
How Our Platform Helps

How our Platform Helps

  • Supports wide variety of decision components that aims to solve broad range of decision problems ranging from personalization to process optimization.
  • Apply advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to extract useful information to inform your business processes.
  • Extract insights and trends in many fields and use reinforcement learning to provide decisions that adapts to current situations.
  • Help shape policies and decisions that aligns with regulations and evolving programs.
  • Improve the results and optimize operational efficiency and reduce cost and risks with smarter decisions.
  • Provide more precision and calculated options that help decision makers take the right decision on the right time.