What makes our solution remarkable?

Smart Recommendations


Suggest & recommend solutions based on AI models.



Provides benchmarks and comparisons between your organizations and competitors.

Leads Identification


Identify and locate leads using NLP over many channels public and private.

Campaign Tracking

Location Extraction

Track the performance of your marketing campaigns.

Understand Buyer

People Identification

Understand your buyer behaviour and willingness to pay.

Understand Competitor

Organization Identification

Understand your competitors' weaknesses and strength.

Customers Interactions


Analyze and understand customers interactions and feedback.

Track Trends

Spike Detection

Detect and track trends in customers behaviors.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Interpret, classify and analyze sentiments in data.

Customizable Dashboard

Customized Dashboards

Ability to customize, add and arrange a number of monitors and widgets.

Real-Time Alerting

Realtime Alerting

Search for events continuously and instantly.

Automated Reports

Automatic Reports

Generate & deliver reports instantly or at specified intervals.

Multi Language Support

Multi-Language Support

Support and provide multiple languages datasets and applications.



Intermediary technical interfaces that allow consume and use specific dataset.


Customers saw upto 65% reduction in marketing budget


To measure and monitor customer success performance


Recommendations dashboards and indicators


Recommendation templates and insights

* You can request the benchmark


Our Marketing Recommendation solution supports wide variety of decision components that aim to solve broad range of decision problems to help marketing and customer success organizations.

Customer Due Diligence

Customer Due Diligence

Get advanced analytics about customer due diligence and what customers say about your organization and products.

Campaign Performance

Campaign Performance

Get advanced analytics about the campaign performance and how customers perceive it.

Brand Monitoring

Brand Monitoring

Get advanced analytics about your brand and what customers say about it.

Crisis Monitoring

Crisis Monitoring

Get advanced analytics about your criss and risk management.

Product Launch

Product Launch

Get advanced analytics about your new product and what customers say about it.

Product Recall

Product Recall

Get advanced analytics about product recall.

Opinions about Event

Opinions about Event

Get advanced analytics about sepcific event.

Insurance Risk

Insurance Risk

Get advanced analytics about insurance risk.