As part of our commitment to community work and content sharing, we release publications based on research and work on AI topics. We publish a sample of our work and analysis of the market leveraging advanced technologies to analyze people's views opinions.

Customers' Voice | Mobile Apps

Today many people depend on mobile apps to do most of their tasks and activities. Governments and commercials started to offer their services over mobile apps due to their convenience to the audience. The way to measure apps' performance is to ask users to review and rate those apps. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to analyze the comments and feedback, especially when in text format. At we use an advanced solution capable of analyzing reviews and people's opinions and extract key topics of discussions. This can be used to improve the services and ensure customer success.

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Customers' Voice | Riyadh Coffee-Shops 2021

e-WOM (Electronic Word-of-Mouth) is a conceptual idea overlaying the opinions traveling through the internet medium of which affects many consumers' purchase decisions. With the emergence of computational power, Artificial intelligence applications have peaked and many trials aiming to make e-WOM more practical and efficient were conducted in the data science literature. We at present to you a short case study of one of our recent achievements applied on a portion of Riyadh coffeeshops where we have orchestrated a system of 4 components that aim to detect the aspects (e.g. Coffeeshop Vibes) that customers care about the most, önd out what describes each aspect (e.g. Comfortable), calculate its Customer Satisfaction Score (e.g. 71%), track it through time, detect the sudden peaks and troughs in aspect or aspect description (Growth Ratio Changes), and if requested, automatically generate KPI's for a certain company's department. We have chosen to conduct the experiment on 2.3K coffee shops, which have more than 27K reviews (Imbalanced Distribution) coming from the Google reviews channel for more than 14K customers..

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